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i'm alive - the regression of human existence.. [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
paper gangster

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i'm alive [Jan. 13th, 2006|12:32 pm]
paper gangster
i can't quite decide which lj account i'd rather use.. i have been bouncing back and forth between the two.... whatever.

anyway, so here's an update.

i started school (fINALLY) on jan. 9.... i'm going almost full time, and working full time... and supporting a dependent (no, i do not have a child... it just seems as though i might)..

i've moved out of my horrible living situation with my ex-friend and her boyfriend (and their one - sort of two b/c she's having anohter one - kid).... i'm living in my grandparents rental for waaay cheap (as long as i stay in school).......

i'm also really bored a lot when i'm not working or in school, and even though there are things i should be doing, i don't want to... i'd like to come out of my hibernation, once again, and try to bring to life some of my friendships that i've sort of let die off.... this goes to EVERYONE: can i get another chance? if any of you are willing to put the past in the past and begin communicating again, please contact me somehow.. you can reply to this, e-mail me at: stereochildxx@yahoo.com, or call me at 386-479-9019....... i live in an area that sprint actually seems to work in, so i can be contacted as long as i'm not at work or school....

i'm short on time, so this is the end.

until next time,


[User Picture]From: _enough_
2006-03-19 01:02 am (UTC)
i've read down in some of you journal entries... and from my point of view it seems that you concern yourself with too many other problems that don't need to tire your mind... friendships come and go, they always have and they always will... you need not worry about them.. its life and i've come to grasp that... in my personal life i have come to distant myself from those who bring me down and lash out at me for not paying attention to them, maybe they need to sit back and re-evalute their lives and come to realize what is really important and what is not.. if they don't they will continually have problems.. big or little... now i understand that i don't know the extent of these ppl's lives that you come into contact with everyday, but i do know one thing... put yourself where you want to be... b/c if you worry about everyone else then you'll never be happy... i've been there and that is why i am the way i am now... i dragged myself into this pit of wondering why i couldn't help this person or that person even though it really wasn't anything i needed to worry about... if they can't come to realize that they can't push their problems and discouragements onto someone else then apparently the problem really doesn't need to be addressed... maybe i'm wrong.. or maybe i've read between the lines too much... but just relax and enjoy the life you have... you don't live forever.
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[User Picture]From: triggerofvanity
2006-03-20 02:19 pm (UTC)
laura, i thank you for your advice. you did not read between the lines. you were dead on correct... i don't know you that well but if i base my opinion on what little i do know about you and who you are, i think you are an amazing and very intelligent person... i totally agree with you now as far as leaving these people behind, and since then i have... i recently have began to crawl slowly back into that state of mind though and your comment has brought me both encouragement and insight that i needed to hear.. so thank you.


p.s. i really would like to get together sometime and do something; however, this may take some effort as there is literally NOTHING to do in this damned town. my new number is 327-1572 (area code 765)... add it!
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[User Picture]From: _enough_
2006-03-21 11:31 pm (UTC)
right on right on.. i think we could do that sometime... my number is (765) 244-1033... if i don't get ahold of you sometime here soon it's probably b/c i'm with nick or extremely tired from work... so just give me a call sometime and we'll get together and do somethin sometime... i was almost skeptical of commenting but i've gotten to the point now that when i see ppl in the same state of mind that i had been in for so long that i can't help but stop and tell them from experience what could be done if wanted... i don't want to seem like i was just randomly butting in though... b/c just as the same for you, i don't know you all that well but i'm always willing to try to help if i can... i've tried to not base my whole life in whys now though... i wouldn't ever just be able to turn my back on those who could use just a few good words but i'm not obsessing on helping everyone i come in contact with though like i used to

ps... do you still talk to bri?
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