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paper gangster

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p.s. [Jun. 21st, 2006|07:16 pm]
paper gangster
you all are waaay too depressed.
get some uppers.

[User Picture]From: _enough_
2006-06-22 10:40 pm (UTC)
yeah but then if they got some uppers they'd just be depressed picking at the invisible bugs on their arms and swearing that shadow ppl are in their walls... haha...
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[User Picture]From: triggerofvanity
2006-06-25 11:29 am (UTC)
haha, i didn't think about that... but i'd probably rather read what they had to say during the time of paranoia more than their depressed, self-focused, woe-is-me attitudes...... maybe i just need to delete some people and i, myself, may stop bitching. now there's a solution.
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